OPL – One Point Lesson is a simple and fast learning lesson that helps everyone to share their knowledge to other colleagues easily with simple content by use of picture. OPL is the tool to change Tacit Knowledge of individual to Explicit Knowledge of organization easily. By the way it also helps organization to store knowledge with in organization even some of the employee resigns, this would be the ability to continue and develop knowledge to compete with other organization.  Creating Learning Organization that makes OPL system more effective than Work Instruction which is currently used now.

But weakness of OPL System is the large amount of OPL make difficulty of organizing, searching and collecting contents of knowledge. But by using OPol™ – One Point Lesson Management Software makes your OPL management to be simple, convenience and let OPL do more than ever. With a wide range of specification as follows:

  • All employees can share knowledge to other employees easily anytime, anywhere via their smart device.
  • With administrative System that can create and custom groups of users to approve or share.
  • Unlimited user (Optional)
  • Superior to any system with the ability to save files in the form of PDF files, Microsoft Office files, images, audio or even video clips these features make OPL can do more than traditional OPL system.
  • E-Learning capability can make a simple lesson that creates E-Learning content immediately.
  • Supports login with Key Card or fingerprint.
  • Has system to verify the accuracy of the content by experts who can determine eliminating errors of data before sharing.
  • Comments can be chosen either private or public.
  • Can be defined a form of sharing – Public or specific groups
  • Ability to create and learn anywhere, anytime, via your smart device and computer.
  • Recording every status of OPL from creating, approving, read, unread and terminated.
  • System can distributed OPL to the group, department or all users as specific.
  • Notification via e-mail automatic or manual to warning of new coming OPL.
  • By Advance Search user can search OPL in particular category such as specified group, duration of time, the position required, or from various Keyword.
  • Secured database system. Strong Preventive unauthorized access from external.
  • Ability to create accuracy reports in several formats.

If you are the one who looking for OPL System or E-Learning system or have trouble in manage your Knowledge Management System. The OPoL™ is the answer to every problems, every sizes of organizations. More information or interested in receiving a free Demo Program, please call 02-171-0211 or 081-831-9392, E-mail: admin@tpmthai.com.